🎶Oh these times are hard

🎶Oh these times are hard
Yeah they’re making us crazy
Don’t give up on me baby🎶
-For The First Time, The Script

Anyone remember these lyrics from way back in 2010? They popped in my head unexpectedly this morning. Most remember, 2008-10 were tough years. We didn’t hear “uncertain times” but we did hear “in this economy” — A LOT. Lots of folks were without work, many developments halted, lots of houses popping up empty because they’d been repossessed. At the time I had a friend who worked for a company that cleaned out repo’d houses. He said it was absolutely heartbreaking. People just had to walk away from their homes because they couldn’t afford them.

I read that the song ‘For The First Time’ was written during and about the hard times of 2008-2010. I remember hearing it back then and thinking how parts of it expressed what so many were feeling.

🎶we don’t know how we got into this mess it’s a gods test
Someone help us ’cause we’re doing our best
Trying to make it work but man these times are hard🎶

But the overall message of the song is a joyful one! It tells the story of a couple who faced extremely difficult circumstances but through that, they rediscovered who they are, and renewed their love for one another. It was like they were meeting again 🎶for the first time🎶

Here’s the chorus:

🎶Trying to make it work but man these times are hard
But we’re gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine
Sit talking up all night
Doing things we haven’t for a while, a while yeah
Smiling but we’re close to tears
Even after all these years
We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting
For the first time🎶

Now, I don’t even drink 😂 And there’s a version of this song that replaces the word “sit” with another “s word” that KLAK FM didn’t air 😆 Don’t judge me! Haha. Here’s my thought—There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. Pain, ugliness and evil just keep showing up. These times are hard. But amid prayers for all of that, I’m also praying that the people close to us, the ones we came into this mess with, that we’ll come out on the other side of it, even closer to them. That we’re finding out who we are, renewing our trust in God and our love for each other. I’m talking about stronger marriages, stronger friendships, stronger families, and stronger faith.

Maybe today just take a moment and tell somebody something like “Hey I love you. And I wouldn’t wanna go through these uncertain times with anyone else. We’re gonna get through this, together.”

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