🎓 10 Pieces of Advice For Grads

1. It’s not right or left decisions that make or break us. It’s right or wrong. College, trade school or military? Arkansas or UNT? Whataburger or Chipotle? These are right or left decisions. Lying, stealing, murder/Treating others like they’re garbage, adultery, methamphetamine. These are RIGHT or WRONG decisions. You wanna break yourself? Go against the clearly stated wisdom of the God of the Universe. Commandments aren’t suggestions. They’re there for your own good and protection.

2. When you royally blow it on a right or wrong decision. And you will. There’s grace and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Don’t sit in it. Confess it and get back on the path as quick as you can. Your Heavenly Father will welcome you back with open arms. Trust Him.

3. You’re setting the trajectory for your life right now. Do you wanna be lazy when you’re a dad or mom? Don’t be lazy now. Don’t wanna grow up to be a dirty old man? Don’t be a dirty young man. Do you wanna have to buy alcohol for the rest of your life to qualify it as a good time? If not, don’t do that now.

4. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a load of crap. What you do matters, regardless of where you are geographically. You only get one heart, don’t buy the lie that what you do wont have an impact on it.

5. Yes, God loves you just as you are but he’s also calling you to be and do more. Life is a stewardship of the gifts God has given us. Do hard stuff for other people. Strive, try, work, get in the arena and get some. Get use to having a tired body and a full heart. No better feeling.

6. Relationships are more important than money. I’m not even gonna elaborate.

7. Don’t ever disrespect your momma and listen when she has concerns. I’m serious.

8. Don’t try to follow Jesus alone. There’s a reason theres over 35 “one another” commandments in the Bible that apply to the way believers treat each other. Our faith is a family. Not sure how that ever got misunderstood, but don’t try and think you’re gonna live faithful running solo. Belong to a church, belong to a Bible study, talk about your struggles and faith with friends.

9. Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. Sorry I know that sounds lame but it is 100% true. You are becoming who you share time with. Choose wisely. And better to be temporarily alone than temporarily idiotic.

10. Attention + Direction = Destination. You will end up going where you give your attention. Every direction has a destination. You’re in charge of yours.

Grads I didn’t mean for this post to sound preachy. I genuinely love you and am in your corner. I love you. We love you. Most importantly God loves you so much that He sent His son to die for you. Congratulations and keep lookin up!

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