Powerful sharing at church yesterday!

Yesterday we had our annual Student Ministry fundraiser for the June mission trip to the Navajo Reservation.

Big thanks to Sydney Wright and Theron Whitley for sharing about the importance of missions and our partnership with our brothers and sisters on the Navajo Reservation.

Sydney was mature and articulate and you can tell that she is passionate about Christ and what he’s doing thru this annual mission trip. Many listening to her share were taken back by how bold and confident she spoke about missions at such a young age. But those of us who have served with her were not surprised at all! We’ve seen heart for serving others in Christ name, first hand.

Theron and his family have been serving the Navajo people for over 10 years. Hearing him share, you can tell this is more than an annual trip for him. It’s something God had called him and empowered him to participate in. It’s encouraging to hear his resolve and commitment to missions.

Also, thanks to Price Ferrell for setting all of this up and for heading up the fundraiser.

And finally, thanks to all who graciously provided funding for the trip!

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