He’s the God of Bethel…

“I am the God of Bethel” (Gen 31:13)

Bethel means “House of God.” It was the name that Jacob gave the place where he’d encountered God at his lowest point—when he was on the run, suffering the consequences of his actions, alone, seperated from family, out in the desert, using a rock for a pillow. But a desolate place became a joyful glorious place of worship when Jacob realized the presense of God and said “Surely the Lord was in this place and I did not know it.” (Gen 28:16)

Then, many years later, God comes to Jacob in a dream, urging him to step out in faith and says “I am the God of Bethel.” With just 6 words God reminded Jacob of his power, goodness, and faithfulness, and gave him courage to move ahead in faith.

God still calls us back to instances of his faithfulness to call us forward in faith. Mainly, he points us to the cross to remember his love for us(Rom 5:8). But he may also remind you of a time when you thought there was no way out and He made a way. Or maybe you remember how God saved you. That sweet moment when you made a decision to follow Jesus, no turning back. Like he did for Jacob, God wants to remind us of his faithfulness and have us carry it with us into whatever He has called us to next.

Charles Spurgeon said “You remember, some of you, perhaps, the first time when pardoning love was revealed to you — when you were brought to see the love of God in the great atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Well, to-night, the Lord says to you, ‘I am the same God as you have ever found me. I have not changed. I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed, even as your father Jacob was not consumed; for I was even to him the selfsame God.’”

The same God that saved you will sustain you, friends. Step out and follow Him with boldness. He’s not done with you. He’s the God of Bethel.

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