” Jesus wouldn’t do that!”


The Monday before Jesus was crucified, he approached the temple in the busy city of Jerusalem. The temple was suppose to be a place of prayer for the nations, but had become a place of selfishly ambitious “buying and selling.” Seeing this, Jesus did something so outrageous it made people want to kill him. He flipped the tables and seats of the money changers and sellers and stopped people from carrying things through the temple. He treated the temple like he owned the place, because he did. 

I shared this story with my 6 year old daughter a couple of nights ago, and she immediately said “Jesus wouldn’t do that!” I smiled and explained Jesus’ righteous anger, and that he actually DID do that.  My little girl had a limited understanding of Jesus, so do we. 

While Jesus has never flipped tables at my house or in my church, he has flipped tables in my heart. I was a sinful idol factory, worshiping myself, not God. Jesus wrecked shop in me, and gave me a new heart. He treated my life like he owned it, because by God’s grace, he does. By his death on the cross and resurrection he paid for my sin, saved me from hell, and displayed his power over everything including death. I am right with God because of Jesus. He’s all I have, all I want, all I need. 

I’d like to tell you that Jesus flipping tables in my sinful heart was a one time thing, but that’s not the case. My sin runs deep, but his grace runs deeper. Grace to forgive, but also grace to redeem. He’s still doing radical work in me. I’m so thankful I serve a Savior who is faithful to keep flipping tables in my life. Our body is the temple of His Spirit…He is still faithful to cleanse his temple.

…he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6 

Do you know my Savior, Jesus? Have you put your faith in Him? Are you following Jesus or following the world? Glorifying God or glorifying self? Tired of living for the wrong things? Jesus says “follow me…”

I’d love to talk to you about Jesus and my heavenly Father. If I can help you in any way, please email me roy@thegbf.com

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