Country Singer: Don Williams, The Sovereignty of God, and a Mullet

Long before I was a student of the Bible I was a student of theology (some good and some bad) from country music.  I had a preoccupation with jukeboxes from about age 5, especially the ones at the Dairy Queen and the Bowling Alley, places the adults in my life spent quite a bit of time. I was probably about 6 years old when I first heard ‘Lord I Hope This Day Is Good’ By: Don Williams. Ya’ll have probably heard me talk about this song in a sermon or in passing reference or just heard me whistling it. Clearly this song has made an impression. For me, it’s encouraging. Maybe it’ll encourage you today.

I’m sure if you analyze it, there’s something that’s not exactly right about the theology found in the song, but there’s a whole lot right with it. And if we’re honest, this song represents a lot of our prayers — a clear recognition of the power and sovereignty of God and plead for help from God Almighty to face the day. 
Check out the vid of the song at the link below. If nothing else, the dude playing the baby guitar has a killer mullet and some facial gestures that will make you laugh. Enjoy. 

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