“Pastors’ Kids…”


I love being a pastor. I love to study and teach God’s Word. I love God’s people. I love knowing I’m serving as a leader on the right team with the right cause, making disciples of Jesus Christ. Pastoring is great. But if I thought that being a pastor would somehow doom my children to grow up into a stereotype of selfish, unstable, rebellious, non-believers who wanted nothing to so with Jesus or his bride, the Church, I simply wouldn’t do it. I’m a dad first — scratch that — I’m a CHRISTIAN first, husband & dad second, pastor third. But the reality is, life as a PK doesn’t have to result in tragic rebellion. With the right priorities and the grace of God, the life of a pastor’s kids can bring glory to God and joy to his children as well as any other occupation.

My older sister, a mother of 9 children and wife of a pastor, sent the following article to my son from her “auntie”. My 15 year old son is the oldest of our 4 children. He read the post before I did and said “That was a good article. I agree!”

Check it out at the link below:

The Pastor’s Kid: My Happy Childhood


My son, Q and I on a recent mission trip. No, those are not real undies on my head.


Me and Q a little over a year ago on another mission trip.


Again, my son, Q leading worship with friends on a mission trip. He’s a gifted worship leader!

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