John 1:1-5, The Word, Life In His Name (follow up to yesterday’s sermon)

We had a great time of worship and a great start to our series in the gospel of John yesterday! If you missed the sermon, you can listen to the audio here. I truly believe God is going to bring LIFE to this series as we are faithful to His Word. As I said yesterday, our church seems to find a stride when we are working through a particular book of the Bible week after week. Below are some followup questions from yesterday’s message.

Questions for John 1:1-5

  • Who is the Word that John refers to in 1:1-2? (hint Jn 1:14)
  • Why did John refer to him as the Word? Why not just say “Jesus is God”?
  • I once saw a t-shirt that read “Jesus is my homeboy.” How does a statement like that look when compared to the description of Jesus in John 1:1-5?
  • How has a close look at John 1:1-5 make you think differently about Jesus?

For further reading, spend some time in Colossians 1:15-20.

“I have a great need for Christ: I have a great Christ for my need.” ― Charles Spurgeon

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