Complain Much?

If you want to, it seems there are an endless number of things to complain about. At the same time, if you set your mind to it, there are an endless number of things to be thankful for. For Christians, we are thankful first and foremost for the love of God in Christ Jesus. The fact that we are sinners saved by grace ought to be enough to keep us thankful all the time, but we tend to forget all that God has given us. And if your like me, you  forget more often than you’d like to admit. When we forget, we complain. We grumble. And it costs us, more than we realize.
Grumbling and complaining were the subject of our Men’s study this morning and we read some excerpts from the post below. I HIGHLY recommend you read it. Here’s a quick quote/hint to it’s contents:
“Grumbling and complaining are not ultimately the hearts responses to circumstances, but to God.”

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