This Sunday…

This Sunday at Grace Bible we’ll continue our study in the book of John, looking at John 4:46-54. In this text, God uses a tragic situation to bring a man to saving faith in Jesus Christ. The story will serve as an example of how God uses suffering to awaken and mature our faith.
Due in part to the false teaching of “Prosperity Gospel” teachers, some have mistakenly believed that if you have genuine faith, you will be exempt from suffering, but this is NOT what the Bible teaches. The Bible repeatedly shows that God can, and does, use trials and hardships to strengthen our faith in, and reliance upon God. As author Tim Keller says in his book ‘Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering,’ “You don’t really know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.”
Are you currently facing a difficult season of life, trial, or heartache? If so, this week’s message might dramatically change the way you view it, and go through it.
Eager to be with you all on Sunday! Be encouraged to read ahead and make your own observations prior to our time together!

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