GBF FAM — Making Room For Making Disciples!!!

Hello GBF Family and Friends!! — If you’ve attended weekly worship in the last couple of weeks you’ve probably noticed that by God’s grace we’ve experienced an increase in attendance as summer ends and new folks begin attending. Praise God, right!?!? But the seemingly sudden increase has caused some challenges for seating. If you’ve had to stand for part of the service or hunt down your own chair, we are truly sorry and appreciate your patience and grace. We also wanted everyone to know that we are making necessary adjustments to seating, or as we have said in the past, “MAKING ROOM, FOR MAKING DISCIPLES.” The last two weeks we’ve brought out and set up 30+ additional chairs as the service began. This week we’ve added additional seating for around 60 seats by removing some resource tables (under the CONNECT, GROW, SERVE signs) and making a few other minor adjustments throughout the auditorium. We want you to feel confident as you prepare your heart for corporate worship that we’ve made every effort to prepare for you, and anyone you may invite, to be here. Thanks for your patience and PLEASE continue to come. This church (and every church) exists to make disciples and weekly worship is an important part of discipleship.

One thought on “GBF FAM — Making Room For Making Disciples!!!

  1. Hi Roy! Thanks for posting this. Mark and I were discussing seating and wish there was a way to ask parents to have their children “scrunch”. They only need chairs for announcements. The rest of the time we are standing for worship. Maybe thru the children’s ministry?? –hold them in you lap or share chairs bc once the herd exits for GraceKids, there seems to be plenty of room. Just a thought. Missing you. How’s my Q?

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