Pastor Appreciation Month???

Pastor Appreciation Month??? I feel MORE than appreciated year ’round. No special concession required for me this month, or any month. Church, y’all just keep on being YOU, that’s more than enough appreciation. BUT, since IT IS pastor appreciation month, I’ll tell you WHAT I APPRECIATE, as a pastor.

  1. I appreciate a church that is BIBLICAL. At the heart of Grace Bible is a core group of people who desire, appreciate, and in a sanctified way, demand TRUTH. We have a church that would rather hear truth than one man’s opinions or the world’s consensus. So I get to study and as Paul told Timothy, “preach the Word”. Our church is MORE than ok with being called upon to be more like Christ, and to serve the world on mission for Him, it’s expected. The central message of Scripture, the gospel good news of Jesus Christ, is like sweet music to the ears of our church family. I appreciate that. (2Tim 3:16)
  2. I appreciate a church that is RELATIONAL. I have the privilege of serving people that I know, and they know me. Because of that we know that we are ALL, self included, flawed and in need of God’s amazing grace. It’s what binds us together in Jesus’ name. The “congregation” is not a group of people I work for, or that I am trying to get to work for me, because  church believes in relationships, we are a team! So I get to minister to, and with, my friends—dare I say, my FAMILY. I appreciate that. (John 13:34-35)
  3. I appreciate a church that is FUN. My church doesn’t apologize for laughing from deep in their bellies — sometimes even at church! We’re serious about God and His Word. And a serious view of God has fostered a very JOYFUL outlook on life. We might break out a marathon tournament of corn-hole on a men’s retreat.  Might play some 42 (dominoes) together well into the night (especially if I’m winning). We might see who can predict who’s kids are gonna bump heads first on the bounce house at a fellowship meal! We are VERY likely to laugh when we’re together. Hey, nobody wants to be a part of joyless group of crusty mean people do they? I’m thankful I’m not. Grace Bible has fun. I appreciate that. (Eccl 8:15)

In short, I appreciate Christ in YOU, Grace Bible! So there. Happy pastor appreciation month 🙂

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