Trinity in Africa update…


Trin went back to the Children’s home for a second visit today. I got these words of encouragement from Arch (who Trin is traveling with) “This little boy is always scared of everybody….then he met Trin. If Trin has any cultural shock, you would never know. It’s like she’s been on a hundred trips with us.”

That’s my girl!! Compassionate, approachable, servant-hearted and adaptable.

Y’all please keep praying for Trin. Pray that she is able to take in all that she is experiencing and process it with God’s eyes. Pray that she serves well. We talked to her on the phone today (which was her evening) and I could tell that she was tired. God is faithful.

Tomorrow at church, she’ll be singing with an African children’s choir. Think she might stand out a little bit?

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