How did Trinity end up in Africa???


How did Trinity end up in Africa? Well, the short (and right) answer is of course, God. But God used people.  Pictured above — Trinity and friends, Arch and Sherry Bonnema on their first day in Africa earlier this week. Arch and Sherry have done work with churches, orphanages and seminaries in Africa for years, and were gracious enough to bring Trin along with them on this trip. This trip has been a long time in the making for Trinity. She wanted to go with Arch and Sherry when they offered a couple of years ago, but mom and dad (especially dad) were still warming up to the idea. Trinity has spent quite a bit of time with the Bonnema’s over the last couple of years. They share a common interests in horseback riding, shopping, and evidently — missions.

But even before Arch and Sherry invited Trin those years ago, Trinity had international missions on her mind. She told me that ever since her “nanna and paw” (Jim and Brenda Brosch) left for full-time missions in Eastern Europe, it’s something she knew she wanted to do. Trinity also mentioned to me that she had thought quite a bit about missions specifically in Africa, because she had learned of her middle school English teacher’s daughter serving as missionary to Africa. And of course, some of Trinity’s earliest memories as a child are of mission trips with her family and church family to the Navajo reservation and other short term trips. She must have been 3-4 the first time she witnessed cross-cultural missions. Be careful y’all, service to God is contagious! 🙂

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