LADIES!! — The perfect gift idea for the man in your life…

esv-mens-devo-bible-01-540x342When a lady asks what a man wants for Christmas he usually says something like “I don’t need anything.” Or even worse, he might say “for the Dallas Cowboys to be good again” (psh–ya right!). Men are hard to buy for! But have no fear ladies, I have the perfect gift idea for every man this Christmas — The ESV Men’s Devotional Bible. Does he already have a great Bible??? That’s ok, GET HIM ANOTHER ONE! Bibles are like bass lures, you can’t have too many!

I normally don’t get too enthused about Men’s Devotional Bibles. They can be a little –Idk — cheesy? But not this badboy! This Devotional Bible is an accurate, readible translation packed full of SOLID devotionals, authored by men I read and respect. PLUS, it also includes a TON of great added material addressing topics specifically relevant to men. Check out just *some of the topics addressed in the ‘Articles and Resources’ portion of the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible.

  • Marriage
  • Self-Control
  • Leadership
  • Pornography
  • Temptations
  • Doubt
  • Identity
  • Work
  • Calling
  • The Gospel and Daily Life

Again, these topics are just a sampling. Ladies, men don’t want to hunt for half an hour for a what they are looking for unless it’s deer season! This Bible is a one stop shop — Great Bible, daily devotions, and excellent resources to equip them to grow spiritually and glorify God.

You can order this Bible online at Amazon here and also at . Or, ask for it at a Christian bookstore. It’s new (2015) so they may not have it on-hand in store, but they can order it for you. *Don’t settle for different devotional Bible! 🙂

And ladies, write him something personal in the Bible before you give it to him!

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