5 Mankillers, Throwback…


We did a little throwback this morning in our men’s Bible study, looking at an article that we first looked at almost 3 years ago. It was just as challenging this am as it was then. Pastor Scott Brown identifies 5 Mankillers (Fear, Lust, Anger, Feminism, Abdication) and points us to God’s Word on how to fight the would be assailants. The post assumes we are in the pursuit of God, for it is in knowing God that we truly know how to rightly relate to the world around us. Knowing God–that’s true manhood. Steve Ferrar said this:

“True Courage is the result of knowing God. Only then can a man display strength and take action. And he can do so with a heart that is calm, steady, and at rest—even in the worst of times. That kind of man knows that even when days look their darkest, God has a good plan.”
― Steve Farrar, True Courage: Emboldened by God in a Disheartening World

Here’s a link to the 5 Mailers post. Check it out:


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