Pastor Tommy Nelson, words to Denton Bible Church after bomb threat


Yesterday I posted and asked for prayers after one of the greatest influences in my life and ministry, Denton Bible Church, received a bomb threat to their Christmas Eve Service. Below is pastor Tommy Nelson’s letter to his church after the threat was made. Classic Tommy Nelson–he’s a man of grace, but also a man of intestinal fortitude. In my weird imagination, somehow I hear Tom Petty’s song “I Wont Back Down” playing in the background as I read this 🙂 Check it out…


Take a knee.

You’ve probably heard by this time if you watch the news that we have had our first gen-u-ine bomb threat…

We don’t yield to fear. We are Christians.  We rejoice to be counted “worthy to suffer for His name’s sake.” Death and evil are conquered for us and our God sits supremely on the throne.  If it breathes we do not fear it.  But like Nehemiah in Nehemiah 4 we will build with a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other, with others on the watch.  We shall be vigilant until evil loses heart.  But stop the work? Who do men think we are?  “Should a man such as I flee?!”

So, nothing changes.  Come on if you planned to do so.  But, make things simple by not bringing a backpack, a package, or some big bulky anything, lest a choir member frisk you or strip search you. Nothing kills the Christmas spirit quicker.

Be praying that God be glorified. See ya.


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