ESV Men’s Devotional Bible…

My wife Casey got me this Bible for Christmas. I guess I dropped a pretty good hint when I recommended all the ladies in our church buy it for their husbands! I already had the kindle version, that I downloaded at a really good price when it first came out, but I LOVE having the hard copy. I’m kinda old school on that, especially when it comes to the Bible. I have Bible apps I use, but when I really want to get serious about reading God’s Word, I don’t want to read it on the same device that does EVERYTHING else–too many distractions/possibilities for distraction.  I like a Bible with actual pages I can turn. Crazy, hu?

This men’s devotional Bible is set apart because of it’s quality devotions and the ‘Articles and Resources’ section, pictured above.  This is section is arranged by topic. The writings are relevant to men, short, and sweet.

Men if you have an amazon gift card your wanting to use, or are just looking for a good Bible/devotional Bible. Check it out:


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