The Lord’s Supper — more often…

the20lords20superGrace Bible — You’ve probably noticed an increased frequency of The Lord’s Supper in our weekly worship services. A worship service should bring glory to God, teach and remind us of The Gospel, and stir our affections for God.  The Lord’s Supper is a glorious grace to those ends! At our Elder retreat last Spring, increasing The Lord’s Supper at Grace Bible became matter of prayer and discussion. We then shared it with the Deacons for input, and moved forward with the adjustment. Now, more often than not, as long as it makes sense, we’ll observe The Lord’s Supper during worship. We won’t be legalistic about it. There will be times when we won’t observe  (we didn’t the Sunday before last). We’re not mad at any other church or denomination for not doing things this way. And I can’t promise we’ll ALWAYS do it this way. One thing we want to be sensitive to going forward, is not letting this glorious ordinance become an empty ritual due to our frequency of participation. Please know that we’ll make adjustments as needed.

I encourage to you to please read the post at the link below. It answers many of the questions that come up regarding how often the ordinance should be observed. Well worth a read:

Also, here’s an introduction to The Importance of The Lord’s Supper.

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