Grace Bible — IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT — Adam, Magan, and Family…


Grace Bible Family,

As I shared in our members meeting yesterday morning, after a period of deep prayer and reflection, Adam will be stepping away from his role as Family Pastor of Grace Bible — effective Feb. 1, 2016. Furthermore, Adam will be stepping into a new role. Adam, Magan, and their two daughters (Elliot and Haddon) will be moving back to Southeast Asia to serve as missionaries. In this role, Adam will be helping to manage an international church-planting network, located in one of the largest urban centers in the world.

While this may come as a surprise to many, it is no surprise to the Lord. The timing and circumstances are not something anyone originally anticipated, but this is exactly what the Lord had in mind.

Please know that this is not a separation. This is actually a continuation of ministry, albeit in a different role. The elders and I stand by and support Adam and his family. There is a great affection and love for one another.

Adam and Magan will continue to call GBF their church home. They’re still family. Please pray with us as we ask the Lord’s blessing on this big step of faith for them and prayerfully consider how the Lord may lead you to encourage, bless, and support them during this time of transition.



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