Marriage Is a Team Sport…

book-4We often view sports as the best example and teacher of teamwork. I’m not sure that’s always true. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the entertainment value of sports, and the many things they can teach us. But more and more the emphasis is placed on individuals rather than the team. Look at pro sports — Manning vs Brady, Manning vs Newton, Curry vs Lebron, who was better Jordan or Kobe? Individual stats, celebration dances, big $$ contracts, galore. All about the team, right? Eh, maybe not so much. We (or maybe it’s just me) even sometimes rationalize the over-programming of our kids lives with sports by saying it will “teach them teamwork”.  There’s truth to that! But maybe sports aren’t the best place for kids to learn the value of selflessness through teamwork.

The first place that “teamwork” should be modeled is in one of the basic institutions that God gave us, the family. And within the family, the most obvious example of good teamwork for our kids and others, ought to be the team that exists between a husband and wife (Gen 2:24). In one sense, marriage is a team sport. A biblical marriage is two people walking in God-glorifying unity, seeking the good of one another, making necessary sacrifices, loving unconditionally, forgiving and being forgiven, for a LIFETIME! (Eph 5:22-33) — now THAT requires some teamwork.

So, married folks — if you missed the tee-ball sign up deadline and are worried where your kids will learn teamwork this Spring, fear not. The greatest opportunity to teach teamwork won’t require any new sports gear for your child, but it might require a renewed perspective on you might be a better teammate to your spouse.

Below is a link to a great post from Focus On the Family, by Greg Smalley, with practical ways for husbands and wives to “Establish a teammates mentality”. Check it out:

You’re On the Same Team.



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