Kingdom Man Quotes…


Here are a few great quotes from a book that we have been going through together in our Tuesday morning men’s Bible study, Kingdom Man.

“A kingdom man is one who visibly demonstrates the comprehensive rule of God underneath the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of his life.” p.14

“To be aligned under God is to consistently make your decisions whether personal or professional, in line with God’s Word.” p. 34

“Achieving greatness means maximizing all that you are destined to be for the glory of God and for the good of others.” p. 44

“Men…if you will simply make the most of where you are, God will do the rest…Never let your limitations limit what God can do with you.” p. 50

“A kingdom man models himself after the greatest Kingdom Man of all, who over 2000 years ago rescued a world in distress when rather than call for legions of angels to set Him free from the cross, willingly submitted himself under the orders of His Captain and King–to stand fast for all who would have otherwise been lost.” p. 68

“The problem in marriages today isn’t that we have too many women who don’t want to submit. The problem is that we have too many men who don’t want to submit–to the lordship of Jesus Christ.” p. 78

“If you are not willing to be a blessing to others through what God has given you, then why should He consider you as a good candidate for a blessing?” p. 105

“Kingdom success runs much deeper than the width of a wallet, the square footage of a home, or the smiles in a photograph hanging on a wall. Success has to do with fulfilling the reason for being for God’s glory, your good, and the benefit of others.” p. 116

It’s been a great study so far. We’ll pick back up again after spring break, Tuesday, 3/15.

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