Christian Beliefs: a chapter, a song, a book.


Our elder team continues to go through Twenty Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem together. Last week we looked at and discussed Ch 2, What Is God Like? The chapter looks at, and gives biblical evidence for the existence of God, the knowability of God, His independence, the fact that He’s unchangeable, eternal, and omnipresent. Furthermore He is spirit, invisible, omniscient, wise, truthful, good, love, holy, righteous, just, and jealous. God is wrathful toward sin. He wills what he will. He has freedom. He is omnipotent, perfect, blessed, and beautiful. All of this and at the same time, God is a unity. “He is not more of one attribute at one point in history and another attribute at another time. He is fully and completely every attribute (even those not mentioned here) at every time.” (p.36)

I’d like to recommend further reading on this subject. Check out: God Is The Gospel, By: John Piper

Also, we sang the song below at church on Sunday. It was a great compliment to my reading from chapter 2!


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