Beyond the sermon…Bible study


Last Sunday we talked about Jesus’ very high view and value of Scripture.  Jesus’ followers should share that view of Scripture and make Bible reading and study an integral part of our lives. A good place to start reading and studying would be one of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. I recommended John for our church because we are currently going through this book on Sunday mornings. Start in one of the gospels, make it your “home base,” and then start reading through it a passage at a time, taking some time to reflect, ask some questions, and pray. Below are some questions that make for a simple approach to studying the Bible one passage at a time:

What does this passage say?

What does this passage mean to its original audience?

What does this passage tell us about God?

What does this passage tell us about man?

What does this passage demand of me?

How does this passage change the way I relate to people?

How does this passage prompt me to pray?

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