Some thoughts on Christians and alcohol, and a great post on the subject…


I’m not a “tea-totaller” which means I don’t practice complete and total abstinence from alcohol, but I’m pretty darn close. The number of alcoholic beverages I’ve had in the last 10 years is not too many more than the number of champagne “toasts” I’ve participated in at weddings. That’s not a boast about how strong I am in the face of temptation, quite the opposite actually. I’m weak. I proved at an early age and into adulthood that I was not responsible with alcohol. So for me, due to my own limitations and weakness, social drinking, outside of a controlled accountable environment in limited quantity, is not going to be something I do.

I do however have friends, some who serve as leaders in our church, who do drink regularly, responsibly. I respect that. And I respect them. I may not please some people with my positions on alcohol consumption because I intentionally try not to go to either extreme. I won’t, as some do, condemn everyone who has a drink. It’s just not biblical, right or necessary. Nor will I ignore the clarity from Scripture regarding drunkenness, or the clear dangers associated with alcohol abuse. I’ve seen too many lives lost, homes wrecked, and have experienced first hand the consequences of being irresponsible with alcohol. I want to be able to help people who struggle in this area, not be a stumbling block. Also, I can’t condone unlawful underage drinking because Romans 13 teaches to “submit to governing authorities” (and don’t young people have enough challenges and pressures without adding the potential of an addiction to their lives before the age of 21?)

Also, and this is just a practical, personal thing/added bonus–Drinking is expensive! HA. Think how much money I’ve saved at ballparks, stadiums, and restaurants??? I’m not trying to be a hater, Your money, is yours and if your doing it responsibly, it’s your thing, enjoy! But when I waste money it’s on important things…like fishing lures and other tackle! πŸ™‚ One more, ever since about 35 years old, I’ve had to watch what my calorie intake because my metabolism is no longer like that of a gnat! I heard early on “don’t drink your calories.” I’m tall and have less muscle than a canned ham, so I hide weight gain pretty well, but I’ve got a feeling if I did drink regularly, even responsibly, I’d get unhealthy quick and start to looking like a snake who swallowed an egg! No thank you, I’m saving my calorie intake for BLUE BELL, Whataburger, and of course the occasional Dr Pepper!

Anyway, I say all this to share a post with you that I shared with some college students regarding Christians and alcohol consumption. The post is written by pastor Kevin DeYoung who I really respect, and is titled Β ‘CHRIST DID NOT DIE FOR YOU TO DO KEG STANDS.’ It is written with college students in mind, but offers balanced biblical wisdom for everyone who’s thinking through this subject. Please take a few moments and check it out:Β

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