Relationship With God In The Age of Technology


Recent studies have shown that technology, while it’s made life easier in many ways, has has also made important aspects of life more complicated. There are concerns that the prevalence of smartphones, social media, and other conveniences have decreased our ability to have, and maintain REAL relationships. I don’t want to rail against technology, rather I’d like to point out the absolute necessity of relationships. And not just any relationship, our relationship with God.

Christianity presents God as accessible by faith in Jesus Christ—that we can draw near to God, that God is personable, knowable, and we are to have a RELATIONSHIP with Him. But like other relationships, a relationship with G
od takes time, dedication, and patience. Below are 3 habits, each with a helpful link, that aid us in our relationship with God.

1. Daily Devotional Time — Some refer to this as a “quiet time” Not sure how to do that? Here’s a link to a good explanation and step by step guide.

2. The Worship of God — In one sense we worship God with all of our life. But for the entire history of Christianity, Christians have gathered for “corporate worship.” One author said this “maybe the single most important thing we do” as Christians.  Gathering for worship can be one of the first things to go when we begin to distance ourselves from God relationally. Don’t let that happen to you! Here is a link to 5 Benefits of Corporate Worship

3. The People of God — God uses the voice and friendship of other Christians to help us stay close, and draw closer to Him. The Bible commands believers to “stir one another up.”(He 10:24) This includes, but goes beyond gathering with Christians for weekly worship, and is more likely to happen in small groups and Bible studies. Christians are called to share life, share burdens, and pray for one another, as a big part of our growth and relationship with God. Here’s a link to more on the importance of Christian Fellowship.

There is no app for a relationship with God. Don’t let the very good benefits of technology, cause you to slip away from the GREATEST opportunity there is, a relationship with God!!

I’m sure there are more ways to relate to God than these. What practices and habits do you see as a priority in your relationship with God?

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