This mullet might save your marriage!!!


Ok, so a mullet CAN’T save your marriage, but Jesus can! And the lyrics of a song by a man with a mullet can help identify the problem in many marriages and relationships–PRIDE

The following is an email I shared with a group of men this week:

Tuesday morning me and some men were working through Genesis 2 and I thought of a song I hadn’t heard in years. A song by one of the greatest mullets wearers of all time, Travis Tritt. Haha. You can laugh at his mullet, but you can’t laugh at these these lyrics:

He relives every word they spoke in anger
He walks the floor and punches out the wall
To apologize to her, would be so simple
But instead he cries, ‘I’ll be damned if I crawl’…
…Chalk another love lost up to foolish pride…
That sound familiar? And I’m not asking if you are a fan of 90’s country music (though maybe you should be). I’m asking if you’ve ever done something similar? Ever let conflict go on way too long because you were too prideful to say what needed to be said? Even worse, ever let somebody you love walk out of your life because you were too prideful to admit you were part of the problem. What about your kids? Especially teenagers. Are you letting your pride stand in between you and your son or daughter? Pride–like every other sin, it over-promises and under-delivers. But with Pride it’s not just what it fails to pay, it’s what it costs. And it DOES cost, big time. Here’s the chorus of the song:
Turn out the lights, the competition’s over
The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight
And while the bridges burn
Another hard hard lesson’s learned
As in the ashes, passion slowly dies
And this romance goes down to foolish pride

Pride is a killer when it comes to our relationship with God too. 1st Peter 5:5 says that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. As Christians, we have nothing to be prideful about. We’ve turned from ourselves and turned to Jesus Christ for everything. We are sinners, who HAD TO BE saved by grace because we could never get it right ourselves. And we only mess things up worse when we try! We follow Jesus, the most humble man to ever walk the face of the planet. Men, the “foolish pride” in this song is just not for us. Don’t let pride cost you what Christ has afforded you. Say what needs to be said. Apologize. Forgive. Be the bigger, humble man God’s called you to be. Do it for your own good, for the good of your relationships, and most importantly, for God’s glory. 
btw you can dog on Travis’s mullet all you want, but he couldn’t have sang that song in skinny jeans 🙂 IMO, country music needs to stay just that, country. 

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