Grace Bible Fam! We Finished John!


Sunday at Grace Bible we finished preaching through the book of John. Verse by verse, 77 sermons, that spanned from 2/21/15 to 4/2/17. We had a few stand alone sermons and a couple of mini-series along the way, but for the most part we have been in the book of John for over 2 years.

A couple reflections and a word of thanks upon completing the series:

I’ve learned a ton! What we did in John was called “expository preaching” — which, in short, is where you take time to carefully draw out the meaning of a text of Scripture, given it’s original context and intent. I can’t begin to explain how much my knowledge of my Lord and Savior has been furthered in this series. It seems the stories of peoples lives and encounters with Jesus have come especially alive. I’ve been able to see my relationship with Jesus through their experiences. Passages and verses that I have heard for years took on a whole new light. Multiple times I found myself saying “OHHH THAT’S WHAT THAT MEANS.” I’ve said before when preaching through books of the Bible, I get to the end and think, “WOW, now I AM REALLY ready to preach this thing!” I honestly think I could start over in John this week and do the whole thing again. (don’t worry church family, I won’t :-))

God is so faithful! God’s Word is such treasure and so pregnant with truth. He has truly blessed us by revealing himself to us in written form. Going through John has reminded me once again of the guess work that God has removed by the Bible. The Bible, including John shows us how to make sense of ourselves, the world around us, and eternity. The gospel of John is so much more than a book, it’s an evidence of God’s faithfulness! Thank you God for your Word and the privilege to share it with your people! 2Timothy 3:16!!

I hope I get to keep doing this till the Lord calls me home. Sadly, preaching the Bible has become somewhat of an anomaly. Many churches/pastors feel pressured to keep their church’s numbers climbing, and to do so they feel their preaching subjects need to come from hot topics found in current media and headlines. But our world is not short on cultural commentary, what we are short on God’s timeless truth found in the Word. The Bible was not given to us primarily as a tool to fight “culture wars” but rather as life-giving truth to engage the culture! Still others feel we should preach a specific brand of church in order to keep people “bought in” and “on board.” But we’re not tasked to grow the show, we are called to grow people in Christ! — The grass withersthe flower fadesbut the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8

A word of thanks. The thing about preaching is, you need somebody to listen! Thank you church family. Thank you for being hungry for truth. The fact is, you could get a better preacher than me, and God’s Word is ALWAYS true with or without me as your pastor. Y’all don’t need me. God definitely doesn’t need me. But y’all let me be your pastor. And God has seen fit to use me (yes, even me). And Church family, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves you and appreciates you as much as I do. Thank you, Grace Bible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey we ain’t done yet, right! We’ll be in Luke 19:28-40 for Palm Sunday, this week. Stay for pot luck and all kinds of fun after the service. Then, starting a new series “REDEEMED”, on the redemptive work of Christ in our lives on Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday service will be held at Gunter High School and include baptisms! Bring your friends, and bring your Bibles, we’re gonna need ’em!

One thought on “Grace Bible Fam! We Finished John!

  1. You are greatly loved as our pastor & we are blessed to have you from the Perkins/Ferrell clan–I think “tribe” is the newer word. I love the Word of God & you have the hand of The Most High God on you & the Holy Spirit flowing in abundance in & through you. I am a Bible nerd & I never leave disappointed from hearing your sermon. My prayers are with GBF & The Church that we might be bold in our faith. Oh He’s so worth it. And only He is. Grace & Peace!

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