New Men’s Bible Study Beginning 8/8

IMG_0141“Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” -Paul (1 Cor 11:1)

That’s a pretty bold statement isn’t it? In this verse, the Apostle Paul is effectively saying, look to ME for an example as I look to Jesus for mine. It’s hard to deny an example that is lived out right in front of us, good or bad. What kind of example are you to the people around you? Would you like to be an example of Christlikeness to others? If you are a Christian, that is EXACTLY what God has called you to be.

Men, I’d like to invite you to join me on Tuesday mornings, 6-7am, beginning next Tuesday 8/8, for a study of the life of Paul. Paul is one of the most interesting and influential people in the Bible. He was a man of grace and grit who lived a life of reckless abandon for Jesus Christ. Our objective for this study is simple, but not easy: To learn more about the life of Paul, draw closer to Jesus, and become a more faithful example of Christ to others. Doing this study as a group will bring us encouragement and  confidence because we are not doing this alone. Because this is a men’s group, we’ll be discussing some things that are unique to men and our walk with Christ.

Men, none of us will be a perfect example. But by God’s grace, we can all be a FAITHFUL example. Join me on Tuesday mornings. Make this study, Sunday worship, and daily time with God a priority, and a part of your routine. You wont regret it.

For this study we’ll be using a study guide from the ministry of Chuck Swindoll. I already have a number of copies, so no need to buy one. Just bring a Bible and show up on Tuesday morning, 6am, south hallway classroom at Grace Bible.

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