“What’s his name” gives glory to God…

Tua Tagovailoa — Most of us cant pronounce his name and had never even heard of him until last night, but he was the hero in the NCAAA National Championship overtime victory for Alabama over Georgia. Tua, a 19 year old Hawaii native QB, doesnt seem concerned that we pronounce his name correctly, or even that we know his name. His greater concern is that we know the name above all names, Jesus Christ. Tua is quick to thank his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, credit his teammates, and points to God as the REAL hero. Congrats to both Alabama and Georgia on a hard fought game. And congrats to Tua for making the most of his opportunity, both on the field, and in his postgame interview. May we all be challenged and encouraged by his unique blend humility and boldness. 

Here’s the link to Tua’s postgame interview: https://youtu.be/65PkjZAJ4ok

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