Redwood Trees and the Christian Life

This pic was a slide from our sermon this am at Grace Bible. I used this pic bc I like the way it looked and it makes a good background for white lettering. But one of our church members noticed something more significant. The picture happened to go perfect with today’s sermon. The trees in the pic are Redwoods. Interesting fact about Redwoods, they’re one of the tallest trees, growing 300+ ft in height, but they have a shallow root system, only 5-6ft. So their roots are shallow, but they spread out really far, up to 100 ft from the trunk. Redwoods thrive in thick groves, where their roots intertwine and even fuse together. Their dependence on one another gives them the strength they need to withstand the forces of nature, like high winds, storms and floods. So, Redwoods don’t survive alone…ever. They need community. They grow close and join one another, to provide each other with strength, nourishment and support. Sound familiar? It’s a picture of what God calls us to in Galatians 6:2 — “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” We were never meant to navigate life alone. We’re never more like than when we’re taking on the burdens of others for the glory of God.

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