Your Family Needs More Than Money…

Shared this good reminder for husbands and dads with a few of my brothers yesterday and got some good feedback. Ladies, you might consider sharing with men in your life if you feel led. One of things I’ve found so interesting is that many women can’t even fathom the man’s response in the post, but most of us men, including myself, relate to this man’s initial response at some level. In 2011 I lost my mentor and a best friend to a heart attack. It made me reevaluate a lot, and one thing I did was get a sizable life insurance policy. I’m healthy so it was inexpensive. It felt/feels so good to think about my wife and kids being ok if/when something happens to me. But reading this post reminded me that they actually need me, more than my providing. (Still keeping my policy tho 😅😎) Check it out:

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