Be Killing Sin…

The quote in the pic is from a book I read years ago, ‘The Mortification of Sin’ by John Owen. It had a profound impact on me to say the least. So much so that I named one of my best friends after the author, my dog, Owen. Not even kidding 😂 I could go on and on about the author of the book, but the reality is the book was great because it was biblical and Christ-centered.

This past Sunday’s sermon was on the subject of SIN from Numbers 11:4-20. We talked about the dangers of giving in to sin and how sin wants to enslave us. Sin can be a trap where, like the Israelites in the book of Numbers, we end up ROMANTICIZING and CRAVING sin, then BUILDING A TOLERANCE for it, then falling into DENIAL of it, then falling into a horrible CYCLE where we indulge in sin more and more as a way to try and ease the pain that was actually caused by sin. This is what it looks like to be ENSLAVED by sin.

Often we mistakenly think of sin in terms of few sensational “really bad” actions to avoid. But sin is so much more pervasive than that! Of course, sin is found in our actions but it’s also a power that is at work in all of us. It wants to destroy us, and must be resisted and fought against, every day.

Yesterday we defined sin as: “Craving something more than you crave God. The essence of sin is living for something other than God.” H/T Tim Keller

So our battle against sin isnt just about changing behavior, its about changing our affections and attitudes. About changing our CRAVINGS. It’s about TASTING and SEEING that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8).

The best place to get perspective on sin, is of course, the Word of God. Here are a few passages of Scripture to encourage and better equip us to, by the Spirit, struggle against sin.

Romans 6:11-14

Romans 8:12-15

Colossians 3:5-17

Hebrews 12:3-17

Matthew 5:17-48

Romans 13:13-14

If you are interested in reading The Mortificaiton of Sin by John Owen. You can get it at the link below. Kindle version is just .99 cents and paperback is $7.50.

Love y’all. And more importantly, Jesus loves you, more than you know!

Grace and peace,


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