His Glory, Our Joy

Hey Church family! 

Last Sunday we began a new series ‘Philippians, His Glory, Our Joy.’ I hope and pray you left our worship time encouraged to live for God’s glory in Christ Jesus and experience the true JOY that comes with that. Many of us found this first message in Philippians to be an occasion to repent of our joylessness and trying to find joy in the wrong things. As we said yesterday, JOY IS THE FLAG THAT FLIES ON THE CASTLE OF THE HEART WHEN THE KING IS IN RESIDENCE THERE. 

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Philippians 1:12-26. Please be encouraged to read ahead and note any observations you may have. Maybe the most notable verse in this passage is Philippians 1:21 where Paul says,  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. What a powerful statement!!! We’ll definitely take a close look at that on Sunday!

Also, check out this blogpost that goes right along with our current series on JOY: 


Grace and peace,


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