Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) sometimes serve as reminders of loss. I miss my friends and family that have passed on more intensely during the season that they passed. Each year there’s more. It’s good to miss people. Being reminded and missing people is a “good grief” that shouldn’t be dismissed or neglected. Rather than dread an approaching season filled with reminders, we can remember, celebrate, smile, laugh—and yes, grieve, hurt and cry, bc we miss our loved ones. Doesn’t make us weak or faithless, it makes us human and causes us seek and trust God more. God made us to value people. We move forward, but we never fully move on without them. That’s a good thing. With God at the center of our life we don’t have to fear grief, bc we can grieve, but we never do so without hope.

Also, we don’t know what people are going through. If someone doesn’t seem themselves or seems short with us, it’s reasonable for us to think to ourselves—“I think I’ll show them grace. They may be struggling in a unique, intense way right now bc they’ve been recently reminded of a loved one they lost.”

Who knows, maybe they weren’t struggling or grieving and you just gave grace to someone who didn’t deserve it. Kinda like Jesus gives us grace, every. single. day.


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