Living out here

I love living “out here.” I’d be in better shape if I didn’t interrupt cardio to take pictures of sunsets, hay bales, old fence posts, and all the critters I see crossing the road. But I love it. And not just the scenery. I love the people too. I love the small town in north Texas “vibe.” I guess I’m a lifer out here. I went to preschool in Whitewright, Kindergarten in Tom Bean, 1st and 2nd grade in Whitesboro, 3rd-12th in Howe, took nearly every class GCC offers, lived in apts on 1417 (that was a thing in the 90’s), and lived here in Gunter for 12 + years. I’ve got family and friends like family in VA, Tioga, Celina, Sherman, Denison, Bells, and just about every other town around here. Folks don’t live in little towns like ours because of the amenities or modern conveniences. 😅 But we do know about life “out there.” 😆 We have internet access, read books, go “into town” and a lot of us have traveled abroad and seen much of the world. But yet, we still live “out here.” Why? I think we just tend to see things a little different than some.

Here are some examples of the differences in perspective:

Some: Stuck behind a tractor on the highway!?!? Can’t they drive somewhere else?
Us: Sure is nice to slow down and enjoy the drive along the countryside. Wonder how their crop is this year? 🚜

Some: I couldnt live in a small town, too many people in your personal business
Us: It’s a blessing to have people know what a mess I am and still accept me and care about me. ☺️

Some: There’s no restaurants out here.
Us: There’s nothing like a meal on your own back patio with good friends 🥘

Some: You’re stuck out here in the middle of nowhere
Us: Sure enjoy this peace and quiet 🌳

Some: Some of these people are kind of backwoods.
Us: My cousins. Gotta love ‘em 😎

Some: Where is the nearest Starbucks?
Us: Wow. Look at that sunset 🌅

These views certainly don’t represent everyone’s personal small town experience. And if we are honest, we know there’s some really great things about city life we’re missing out on. But it’s a good life “out here” too.

My appreciation for the people and place that I live has only increased with time. I still love living “out here.” 🙂

One thought on “Living out here

  1. I love this! Recently Hannah, now 8 and will be in 3rd grade, stayed all pm with us. Her and I both have a long list of things we want to do in our time together but 2 things always get done…there will be a picnic and we will look at stars. We moved in the Fall so we have had to find the best picnic tree and the best place to watch the stars. Serious business and time well spent. 🙂

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