Prayer for educators

Lots of folks in public education are headed back to work today and throughout this week. Let’s lift them up in prayer!

Father in Heaven, thank you for these faithful people and the important vocation you’ve called them too. Thank you God that each and every one of them have been fearfully and wonderfully made in your image. Thank you for their heart for kids, God.

Lord as they begin this school year, with all its new unique challenges, we pray that you’d be with them. Watch over their health and guard their hearts. We pray that they have an extra measure of grit and grace for the task at hand. Let them have a sense of your peace and purpose in what they do. Please grant them your wisdom and discernment, God.

Lord Jesus, you’re the only perfect servant who’s ever lived. Thank you for the cross, for forgiving us, for loving us when we didn’t deserve it. We pray that our educators would look to you and find their identity in you and be nurtured by you. Help them to love our kids out of the overflow of grace and love you’ve shown them and continue to show them.

We love you, Lord. Keep all of us close to you. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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