Posture of prayer…

Daniel had a “posture” of prayer—Scripture says he “got down on his knees” (Daniel 6:10). Out of love for you, I’d like humbly encourage you to try following Daniel’s example sometime (if you’re physically able). Not because God can’t hear you when you’re standing up, but because the act of getting on your knees can play a role in conditioning your heart to be sincere in your reverence and approach toward God. I’m hesitant to share suggestions like this bc I don’t wanna sound legalistic or superstitious. I’m not. It’s not about that, at all.
One more posture suggestion and I’ll quit rambling. 1Tim 2:8 says to “pray, lifting holy hands.” My understanding of raising our hands is that it is a sign of surrender. Definitely fitting for prayer. Like getting on our knees, raising our hands could also help our prayer life. So if you’ve had double knee replacements and want to strive for a posture of prayer, raise em up! 🙌🏼 Just not when you’re driving 😅😳😂
What’s cool is these are things to be done, just between you and God! Not to be seen, not because you think it’ll make God love you more, or to make you a better prayer than others, but just bc you love God and want to approach Him with reverence and honor from the inside out. You can’t always do these things, but sometimes you can. Hope that’s helpful.

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