I hate addiction. It’s horrible and affects so many. It’s not something that just happens to “those people” either. No one is above it or beyond it. Addictions can rob us of our freedom, our joy, and worst of all, our friends and family. Speaking of friends and family—they hurt just as bad as the one who’s addicted, sometimes worse. Addiction can be devastating and deadly. But I believe there’s hope! Mostly because I believe in the goodness and power of God. And I believe there’s strength to be found in a loving, truth-telling community of people who wanna see you beat it. I believe there’s freedom in being honest about the problem and grace found in the right kind of accountability. I believe we should never give up on ourselves or others, because God never gives up on us.
If you’re reading this and hurting as you struggle with addiction, or are hurting as your loved one struggles, please know that even though it may seem like you’re alone, you’re not. God sees you and a lot of people love you. Don’t isolate. Look up and reach out. None of us have all the answers, but we’re here and willing to listen. You’re not reduced to your addiction, you’re valued and loved by God and others! Tomorrow’s a new day and God’s not done with you yet! 🙏🏼 #LookUp

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