Recognize the lies of the Devil…

Recognize the lies of the Devil. He’s sly and manipulative. He’ll whisper to us “you’ve been doing so good.” He’ll read off our good works, church attendance, and devotion to us like it’s a holy resume. He’ll build us up and get us feeling prideful about our spiritual performance and then, out of nowhere, we hear “you deserve to indulge in a little sin.” NO. We have to recognize that lie for what it is. Sin is NEVER a reward for anything. It’s a pathway to death and destruction. It keeps us longer than we want to stay and costs us more than we want to pay. The real reward for being Christlike, IS BEING CHRISTLIKE. The best treasures are stored in Heaven and ALL the glory goes to God. Jesus said the truth will set you free. Don’t be enslaved by the Devil’s lies. Especially when he tries to turn our godliness into a prideful opportunity to fall into sin.

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