Parents of teens…

Parents of rebellious teens—

Your teenage daughter who rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room multiple times this week? Is likely more upset that she disappointed you than anything else.

Your teenage son who keeps playing tough and silent, coming off like a know it all? Really admires you and wants to be like the best version of you, so much more than he can put into words.

You know what would do a lot of these “rebellious teens” some good? If we’d try and see that they’re not near as rude or obnoxious as they put on. They’re still just kids, in a lot of ways. They’re trying to do the best they can with what they’ve learned in their short life. They need you and love you, so much.

Parents, next time you get a chance, sooner rather than later, take him or her by the hand or put an arm around them and tell them the truth—And the truth is you love them and are proud of them and always will be, no matter what. Don’t expect or demand a warm response, but know that you just made their week and made an investment in a relationship that’ll last a lifetime.

children are a heritage from the LORD – Psalm 127:3

#parenting #rebelliousteens

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