Jesus is worth it

let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ – Philippians 1:27

My friend Price Ferrell’s sermon yesterday morning challenged us to think about what Jesus Christ is worth and to live that out. It reminded me of something pastor Wes Robertson said probably 10+ years ago. He and I and a big group of students and leaders were at the end of week long mission trip. I won’t even go into all the crazy stuff that happened on that trip, but it had it all— amazing, hard, emotional, glorious, painful, fruitful and exhausting. We were on the last leg of the trip, in Amarillo where we’d stopped to eat, and in a moment of reflection and exhortation Wes had all our attention and said “Jesus is worth all of this and more.” Those words went all the way to my heart, and helped me realize that we hadn’t “gone above and beyond” on that trip. We’d simply acted in accordance with the worth of Jesus. He was worth all of our efforts and so much more. Since that trip I’ve heard those words in my head I don’t know many times. When we’re exhausted, He’s worth it. When we’re heartbroken, He’s worth it. When we’re misunderstood, rejected, slandered, confused, whatever it is, He’s worth it. Jesus is worth all of it, and more. So much more. Nothing we can do or experience for Him is extravagant when we consider all that He’s done for us. But we can, and may we always, strive to let our manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ (Phil 1:27)

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