Pastoring With certainty In Uncertain Times, 30 Days of Prayer

Pastoring With Certainty In Uncertain Times, 30 Days of Prayer
Like you all, I’ve been taken aback by many things that have occurred in 2020 and now into 2021. At times I’ve felt especially inadequate to be your pastor. But the Lord has been faithful to give me continual reminders of the importance and sufficiency of the Bible, and how we simply need to stay rooted in His Word and we’ll be who He’s called us to be for His Glory (Psalm 1). This isn’t something new for me, about 10 years ago the Lord made it clear that He had 3 objectives for me as a pastor: 
1. Preach the Word 2. Love people 3. Pray for the Spirit to move 
That hasn’t changed, and His Word hasn’t changed. I want you to know that I am resolved in sharing the Truth of God’s Word with you with every opportunity I am given. I want GOD for us, church! And we can’t encounter Him apart from His Word. 
This morning part of my Bible reading was from Mark 9, whereJesus corrected someone who was doubting his power and said “All things are possible for one who believes.” Captain obvious here, but JESUS IS RIGHT! There are no limits to His power! It made start thinking about the many powerful attributes of God. I did a quick search and came across an online post that outlined attributes of God as prayer prompts. What a great idea! Consider taking a news cycle break and spending 30 days reflecting on a different attribute of God each day. 
Here’s a link to the post:

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