A Heart Before Him In Prayer

📖 ✝️ 🙏🏼 For my Grace Bible Fellowship – Gunter TX folks and anyone else interested. We looked at these 2 graphics together on Sunday. You may have seen them before but this time we looked at them especially in regards to prayer.

Regardless of faith affiliation, it seems like most people pray at some level. But for followers of Christ and students of the Word there ought to be a depth of prayer in our life, likened to what we see in the Psalms, where lay our heart out before God, being reverent, but also honest, genuine and vulnerable with Him. Sometimes though, a growing understanding of God’s is Holiness, and our own sinfulness can actually cause us to lack confidence in going before God in prayer. If we aren’t careful, the more we learn about God the more daunting prayer can seem. It shouldn’t be that way. The 2 graphics help us see that we need a ever-growing view and appreciation for the Cross of Christ and what he has done for us by His death, burial and resurrection. The cross isnt just the starting point of Christian faith, it’s the central, focal point from start to finish. When we remember that we are justified and also come before God on the basis of what Christ has done, not our own merit, we can approach our Heavenly Father with boldness, and confidence in deep ,meaningful, God-glorifying, helpful prayer. Remember, Romans 8:1 says there is NO CONDEMNATION of those who are in Christ Jesus.

Hope you find this helpful! Keep looking up!

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