We Were Pharaoh’s Bondmen By: John Newton


We Were Pharaoh’s Bondmen By: John Newton

Beneath the tyrant Satan’s yoke
Our souls were long oppressed;
Till grace our galling fetters broke,                                  
And gave the weary rest.
Jesus, in that important hour,
His mighty arm made known;
He ransomed us by price, and pow’r,
And claimed us for his own.
Now, freed from bondage, sin, and death,
We walk in Wisdom’s ways;
And wish to spend our every breath,
In wonder, love, and praise.
Ere long, we hope with him to dwell
In yonder world above;
And now, we only live to tell
The riches of his love.

Keeping the right perspective on sports.


As a big fan of pro sports, a dad of kids that participate in sports, and former athlete myself, sports are a big part of my life. Sometimes too big. I struggle with the balance of enjoying something and at the same time not letting it occupy too much of my life or emotions. I shouldn’t be so emotionally involved in a Mavs or Cowboys game that it ruins my day, and I certainly shouldn’t be moved to anger over my 9th graders’ basketball game not going the way I think it could or should. Sadly, what should be a point of simple joy and a reason to thank God, can sometimes becomes an area of my life where the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) is not so evident. One resource that I have found to be particularly helpful in combating this struggle with sin is CJ Mahaney’s little booklet, Don’t Waste Your Sports.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read it, more than I should have to. But it always brings sports back into the right perspective.  I’ll let you read the book for yourself, but I’ll tell you that the premise is that sports, like everything else, are an opportunity for the glory of God (1Cor10:31). If our focus is for God to be glorified in the way we play, spectate, and coach sports, it takes care of soooo many things.

Here’s a link to the book. A very quick and easy read. More of a booklet than a book.

Matt Chandler on Grace Driven Effort…

Grace bigger than sinThis past Sunday we continued our series in Romans in ch 6 discussing our struggle with sin in the life of a Christian.                       Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions. Romans 6:12

Pastor Matt Chandler offers some insights on how this effort can be lived out biblically, not by our will, but by God’s GRACE.  I loved this quote “The goal is this: Christ would become more beautiful and desirable than the allure of sin.”

Check it out the entire post HERE