Time with your Father…

When my son was about 3-4 years old, he was a real turd. Totally unruly. Rebellious. Bouncing off the walls. Tackling everything and everybody. He’d test our patience as parents every chance he got. I thought his momma was gonna have a breakdown before we got him reeled in! We tried all kinds of things to try and slow him down. You know what ended up being most effective? Time. Specifically time with me. Not so much quality time, but quantity time. Just being with me wherever I went. We’d play and wrestle when we could, go fishing, he’d watch me work, run errands with me, stuff like that. Time with dad just had a calming effect on him. It fostered respect in him, even when I wasn’t around. Don’t get me wrong, he still had to have correction, and still does! But to this day, having learned that, I make efforts to carve out TIME for all of my kids to be with ME, the head of the house, the highest earthly authority in their life.

Could it be that you and I, as God’s children, need more TIME with the head of our life, our highest authority, our loving heavenly Father? Time in prayer, His Word, time in worship?

The goal is a spirit-filled LIFE, not just moments of spirituality, but a daily focused devotional time is a great place to start! Do you need a good devotional for daily reading, reflection, prayer? I’d like to highly recommend an excellent daily devotional available via app for both iPhone and Android devices, as well as online. It’s called Solid Joys from pastor and author John Piper. In addition to the daily devotional, on the app, you can search key words for specific topics you might be interested in or struggling with. You can find the devotional, as well as download the app, by clicking here: http://solidjoys.desiringgod.org/en

Whatever devotional or avenue you choose, devote some TIME each day to the Lord and His Word.

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