The Power of Song

I wanted to pass along a very important and timely sermon from Matt Chandler on a subject that you might not expect, singing. If you have been to a Christian worship service at all you know that singing is nearly always a part of our time together. But why? Why do we sing? Better question, why have we as Christians made gathering together and singing a priority for 2000+ years?

I’ve heard varying opinions about singing in church. Some love it and wish we’d do more of it. Some don’t like it and could do without it. Some leave a worship service and say they did or did not like that church’s particular singing style or they say that they loved the songs because they remind them of their grandparents or of when they were a kid. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a personal preference of singing style or experiencing a bit of nostalgia when we sing, but there’s more to our singing than those things. What is the goal of singing together? Why do we do it? What does God desire from us and for us in our singing?

I strongly encourage you to listen to this sermon. I believe it will change the way you view singing with your church family and help you grow in your relationship with God. The message is very appropriately titled, The Power of Song. Check it out at the link below:

The Power of Song

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