Grace Bible elders met this morning for a time of fellowship, prayer, and to discuss the life and health of our church. Our current team of elders consist of Brent Wilkens, Jerry Shuler, Theron Whitley, and Roy Layman.

If you are unfamiliar with the role of elder in the life of a church, here is a helpful definition, followed by a brief explanation of how they function in our context:

Elders — “are the doctrinal guardians of the flock and the overseers of the life of the church responsible to God for the feeding and care and ministry of the people” -John Piper

In short elders serve as shepherds (1Peter5:2-3) who lead, feed, and protect the local church.

At Grace Bible, elders hold the highest level of leadership in our church, and thus, play a vital role in the life of our church. They oversee the church’s general direction, progression, and finances. They protect the church from doctrinal error. Finally they serve as a form of accountability and support for the Senior Pastor.

The qualifications for elder can be found in 1Tim 3:1-7

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