He restores…

Ever feel like you wasted so much time and opportunity not following the Lord? Or maybe you poured your life into something that ended up breaking your heart? Ever wish you had the time back? Check this out, God says:

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…

-God, Joel 2:25

I don’t know all the you’ve been, or are going through. But this verse reminds us that when we put our trust in Him, God RESTORES…He even restores “years”….TIME. Time is the one thing everyone says you can’t get back. But here the Bible says he restores “years.” How does He do that? I believe He restores it, at least in part, by enriching the time we have left. Restored time, is time when we’re closer to God and closer to the people we love. Restored time, is time when we have a greater appreciation for His forgiveness, love and grace. Restored time is time when we have a greater appreciation for little things too, like a good laugh, tasty dessert, and a colorful sunset. He restores time by making everything in life sweeter.

We’d all do well to just go ahead be done with trying to make sense of everything that went wrong in the past. Some of it happened to us, a lot of it we probably brought on ourself. Either way, when we know Jesus, it’s a new day in the Lord! And we can look up and look forward to how He’s gonna continue to “restore the years” by making what time we have left that much sweeter.


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