Seating Challenges, “Come near to me, please.” Genesis 45:4

Hey church family!

I was trying to think of a biblical way to encourage you to help with a seating challenge we have on Sunday mornings and I thought of this verse:

So Joseph said to his brothers, “Come near to me, please.” And they came near. Genesis 45:4

😂😂😂 In all seriousness, in our Sunday morning gatherings, we often don’t really have a space challenge, or a number of chairs challenge, we actually have a preferred seating challenge. Not everyone can sit near the back😬, but a lot of people like to! So many times we end up adding rows to the back of the church when there are big gaps in seating, and entire empty rows towards the front. It may sound silly, but a way that you could legitimately serve your church is by moving UP, closer to the front, and moving IN towards interior seating.

Also, our church family loves to talk with one another before the service, which is GREAT, and a sign of healthy fellowship! But if you could make your way to your seat when the 5 minute countdown starts, it would really help the connect team and people arriving to locate where the open seats are.

Now, hopefully this goes without saying, but if you have a medical condition or circumstances that require you to sit near the back, please sit near the back! And if you have a rough morning and arrive late, thats ok! We aren’t mad at ya, we’re happy you made it! We’ll gladly put out chairs for you! But if you are healthy and able to lay aside personal preferences, and can come closer and move in to help make room for making disciples, please do so!

Love y’all,


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